Klonopin for seizure

Klonopin for seizure or what?

Nowadays it is common to hear that another person is suffering from seizures and anxiety panic attacks. 

More than 65 million people all over the world globally are suffering from seizures. 

But does anyone think about this like why is this happening? Why does a panic attack happen? And What is a seizure? And how to cope with it?

Scientifically we have a gamma-aminobutyric acid in the brain that is also called (GABA). GABA is a chemical that nerve cells use to communicate with each other that inhibits brain activity. 

And this also blocks, or inhibits, certain brain signals and decreases activity in your nervous system. 

If a person does not have enough GABA, This may cause them to have panic attacks or seizures. When a person takes Klonopin, they will have more GABA in their body. 

Also sometimes the causes of seizures might be triggered by high fever, which can be associated with an infection.  


What is a seizure?

A seizure is a sudden, or uncontrolled electrical disturbance in the brain. It can cause changes in your behavior, or movements or feelings, and changes in levels of consciousness. 

Seizures are more common than you might think it can also happen after a head injury, or an infection, or also another illness. 

Most seizures can be controlled with medication but this may have a different impact on your daily life. We are thankful for the medical treatment that we can reduce and manage the symptoms of the seizure with the help of medication. 

What is Clonazepam?

Klonopin is a prescription medicine to prevent and control seizures and panic attacks. This medication is also known as an under-brand name Klonopin or antiepileptic drug. 

Although this medicine is also used to treat panic attacks, anxiety, or another symptom of an anxiety attack.

 Clonazepam works as calming your brain and nerves. 

How does Klonopin work?

Thus, clonazepam works in the brain nervous system GABA to produce an increased level of calmness in the brain. 

Often this medicine also controls other anxiety disorders and stops seizures.

Alongside this medicine usually takes three times a day, also it depends on how your doctor consults you to take this medicine with or without food.

What are the side-effects of Klonopin?
  • This medicine might give you a feeling of depression,
  • This may also cause you Headache,
  • Alongside it also make you Weak,
  • Unsteadiness, and
  • Insomnia, Sleep disturbance
  • Lack of inhibition
  • Fatigue
  • This may also put you in a Confusion
  • You may also feel Changes in sexual desire
  • Irritability

Other serious side effects of Klonopin include:

  • Respiratory depression
  • You may Fainting
  • Withdrawal symptoms (if stopped suddenly)
  • This may Increased heart rate
  • Or Low blood pressure

Klonopin oral tablet is a prescription medicine that’s available as the brand-name medicine Klonopin. Also, this medicine also comes in both an oral tablet and an oral dissolving tablet. Therefore,  This medicine usually comes along with other medicine to take it. Thus,  this medicine works alone but alongside it also given with other medicine to make you feel calmer. 

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