Oxycodone 20mg

Oxycodone 20mg


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Oxycodone 20 mg is an opioid painkiller useful for treating severe pain. It is the highly prescribed drug in the United States for these symptoms. Besides, it has benefits for treating chronic ongoing pain, such as bone injury, trauma, back pain, or post-surgery pain. Your doctor may use it off label for other medical conditions.


Oxycodone may make you feel euphoric and dizzy. Further, it works much similar to heroin by binding to the brain receptors. However, you will require a legal prescription before using this drug.


Doses and safe usage of Oxycodone 20mg


It is vital to know the doses and precautions while using this drug. Abnormal doses or misuse may lead to side effects or cause drug addiction. Remember that 20 mg of Oxycodone is a potent strength of this drug. 


Your doctor may prescribe it when your pain is severe and requires an opioid treatment. However, your doctor may perform your health checkup before writing a prescription for Oxycodone 20 mg.


However, ask your doctor whether your medication is immediate-release or time-release. Both of these formulations work differently and have different doses. The instant release does not provide long term benefits. It works for up to four hours, depending on your medical condition.


Drug interactions with Oxycodone 20mg


Drug interactions can alter the working and effects of your medication. Sometimes, it may cause an overdose that may require immediate medical care. Some drugs, foods, and herbal products may interact with your medicine. Therefore, ask your doctor and be aware of the possible drug interactions with Oxycodone 20 mg.


Remember that these drug interactions can become severe sometimes. However, ask your doctor for the possible drug interactions with your medication. 


Some of the known drug interactions with Oxycodone 20 mg include:

  • Opioids including Tramadol, Percocet, and Codeine
  • Alcohol and liquor
  • Orange juice
  • Vitamin C
  • Some herbal products
  • CNS stimulants
  • Some drugs that may cause respiratory depression


Side effects of Oxycodone 20 mg


Oxycodone might not cause any side effects in prescribed and short term usage. They mostly occur when your doses are not correct or do not suit you.


Some known side effects of Oxycodone 20 mg may include:


  • dizziness
  • fatigue
  • nausea
  • fever
  • stomach cramps
  • drowsiness
  • tiredness, and 
  • vomiting


These are some mild side effects that may fade away within a few days. Besides, abnormal doses may cause severe side effects, including impaired vision, shallow breathing, and palpitations.


Possibility of addiction with opioids


Long term usage of an opioid may cause addiction. Drug addiction is not common in prescribed and managed doses. It is likely when you are recreationally using Oxycodone 20 mg or abusing it. Therefore, always get doses of instructions from an experienced doctor. 


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