Vicodin 5/500mg

Vicodin 5/500mg

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Vicodin 5/500mg


Vicodin 5/500mg is a widely prescribable medicine for the treatment of pain (moderate-to-severe). The tablets consist of opioids (Hydrocode) and non-opioid (Acetaminophen) chemical compounds that drive multiple human body solutions. 


Also, this medication is potent that it can lead to addiction and higher chances of misuse. Therefore, doctors provide a suitable dosage to a person, and you cant get this drug from anywhere without prescribe. But, like other narcotic drugs, 


Vicodin 5/500mg  brand has its street names, such as:


  • Hydros. 
  • 357s, 
  • vikes, 
  • fluff, 
  • vics, 
  • scratch, 
  • vicos and 
  • idiot pills. 
  • anorexia, 
  • Norco, 
  • Stages, 
  • Zamicet, 
  • Lorcet Plus, 
  • Verdrocet, 
  • Also, Zydoen, 
  • Vicodin ES, 
  • Maxidone


Under these names, Vicodin is available, and you can buy Vicodin pills from online pharmacies where the prescription is not required. 


Moreover, Vicodin has high metabolism components, including Hydrocodone, extensively liver, primarily CYP3A4, paracetamol, liver, and CYP2E1.


How does Vicodin 5/500mg look?


It is a white color tablet that has an imprint of ‘Vicodin’ on one side like the other pills. Also, medicine is considered size, which is easy to swallow with water.


Symptoms of Vicodin Addiction


As there, Vicodin drug is illegally available in the market. This creates higher chances of addiction and misuse. However, Vicodin drug users are unaware of addiction symptoms. 


  • After constant use of Vicodin for more than two weeks will make you a slighter dependence
  • You may feel a craving for Vicodin pills
  • And if you want to stop the dose of Vicodin, you may feel nausea and stomach pain

Also, The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder V (DSM-V) has introduced some of the outlines and warned if your signs and behavior meet any four symptoms, then you are definitely addicted. 

  • Craving and desperation to use
  • Mismanaged while working at home or office or even studying
  • Vicodin seems the only solution for you
  • Giving up on the relationship and facing bad experiences in love
  • You may don’t get satisfactory sex
  • In addition to this, the intake of Vicodin also makes you anxious, and depression


These are a few common gestures and behaviors a person may show. However, through keen observation and long-term persistence of these systems are an alarming situation. 

How can Vicodin be addictive?


It belongs to the opioid drug class, and these are highly potent salt, and which can make you a sedative. Also, it is determined to act in the brain’s central nervous system, which provides calmness and relaxation to the body and brain. Therefore, when a person gets medicine, it shows results within 30-40 minutes. Somehow, people love being pain-free and in a state of relaxing mode. 


Besides that, Vicodin medication is also used to treat moderate fever and tiredness in the body. It makes the more usages of it, which brings higher addiction. 


Is it safe to buy Vicodin online?


Any medication which helps to get you relief and solve your problem instantly is safe. And you can buy under the prescription from a doctor, but also you can buy Vicodin online because that is more hassle-free and feasible.





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