Vicodin 75/750mg

Vicodin 75/750mg

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Vicodin 75/750mg

About Vicodin

Vicodin 75/750mg is a very common and popular opioid analgesics because it has multipurpose properties such as non-opioids and opioid chemical components.

Besides, it has a famous alternate name called Hydrocodone/Acetaminophen. Also, these chemical salts can be sedative in your body make you highly dependent. Furthermore, hydrocodone usage can slow down your breathing and leads to many adverse effects. 

How does 75/750mg look?


The tablets are in white color and have an imprint of ‘VICODIN ES.’ The shape of this tablet is different from other forms and it comes in a round and square shape. 


Side-effects of Vicodin 75/750mg?


  • You may feel dizzy and lightheaded
  • May be stomach pain
  • More chances of Nausea and vomiting 
  • Hallucination
  • Loss of appetite
  • Breathing problems
  • Skin rashes
  • Skin redness

Persistence of side-effects prevails for a longer time in many cases such as old age, critical medical condition, no therapeutic diet, and regular intake of Vicodin

Therefore, if severe symptoms occur, then ask your doctor for proper treatment.


Vicodin impacts on a mental health


Long-term intake of Vicodin is harmful to overall health, including mental, emotional as well as physical health. 

A person who is addicted to hydrocodone pills has some mental illness. Therefore, the co-occurring mental disorder occurs, such as depression, alcoholism, anxiety attack, or insomnia. 

  • Mood swings/bipolar disorder

It is rare if the patient uses Vicodin for more than a week and starts showing the symptoms related to bipolar disorder. It is one of the complex mental disorders where a person becomes restless and hyperactive in one moment, and in another moment, you may find them sting very quietly.

  • Behavioral symptoms

Drug addiction causes several behavioral changes, which is unlikely to others and not acceptable. It leads to a lack of attention, Energy, focus, and low concentration. Behavioral like these are not easy to control, and it results in job loss, career demolish, and relationship disappointments. A person can be hopeless, restless, and showing the symptoms related to anxiety and depression.

Popular Vicodin Addiction Treatment

Once it is clear if you are addicted to Vicodin, it is easy to get a suitable treatment. And there are various treatment methods, including medical therapy or non-medical therapy. Doctors usually advise to take medication and join support groups. 

However, there are pharmaceutical treatments available to deal with addiction, such as Buprenorphine and Naltrexone. These salts are helpful o suppress craving and release dopamine in the brain. Naltrexone is popular in treating alcohol addiction and withdrawal symptoms. 


Health risks of Vicodin addiction


It can lead to several negative consequences, including:


  • Damaging the Liver and other parts of the body
  • The problem in the Urinary system such as low frequency or irregularity
  • Relationship problems are very common
  • And probably financial issues 
  • You may face problems at work or school
  • Social isolation is very common 
  • You may neglect of family for a long-term
  • Coma is in the rare case
  • Also, there is a high chance of death because it can block your arteries and cause breathing problems.

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