xanax for anxiety

Benzodiazepines, like Xanax, are useful for managing symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks. These drugs are popular among adults who face frequent anxiety, panic, or fear. In the United States, benzos are available under a legal prescription. It means that you can not get over the counter Xanax from any local pharmacy.

An overview of Xanax for anxiety

Xanax or Alprazolam contains active ingredients that help with mental illness. It stimulates specific brain nerves and calms your mind. People who are suffering from anxiety have fewer GABA receptors inside their minds. Thus, Alprazolam raises the amount of these neurotransmitters to help you with these symptoms. 

While Xanax is a prescription medicine, some pharmacies also provide without it. Using or giving away Alprazolam without order is against the law. Therefore, consult with a doctor before using any benzo drug.

Does Xanax make you sleepy?

As we said earlier, the role of Alprazolam is to reduce panic attacks and anxiety. In general, doctors prescribe it for the treatment of generalized anxiety disorder. Besides, he may also use it for off label treatments.

However, it is not known whether Alprazolam makes you sleepy or not. But, it makes you feel calm, relaxed, and tired. After taking a dose, you may notice calmness and a feeling of relaxation.

Harmful effects of Xanax misuse

Prescription medicines, including Xanax, should not be abused or misused by anyone. Misusing these powerful drugs may cause many side effects or physical dependence. While Alprazolam is an addictive drug, you can get addicted to it quickly. For this reason, experts do not prescribe it for long term treatment.

Some of the known harmful effects of Alprazolam may include:

  • dependence
  • habit
  • nausea
  • fever
  • fatigue
  • cravings
  • withdrawals
  • loss of appetite
  • changes in libido
  • extreme calmness
  • delights
  • hallucinations

These effects may become harmful to your physical or mental health. So, avoid misusing this drug and follow your doctor’s instructions carefully. If still, you think you have a drug addiction, inform your doctor right away.

Xanax High and addiction

Xanax high or high on Xanax describes a feeling of excitement that occurs after an overdose. It might feel satisfying but can create drug dependence. However, some people still take overdoses of Xanax to feel high on it. They describe the feeling as delightful and relaxed.

However, frequent overdoses of any medicine can cause addiction. Thus, you are likely to get addicted if you are using this drug for an extended period.