6 FAQ about Xanax medication for anxiety on Quora 

Xanax medication for anxiety Quora is a popular platform where people ask endless questions and get answers from expressing people or experts as well. Well, it is an open platform so people can ask and answer anything they want. So, you must check this article to get a righteous perspective for your personalized questions.

What does it seem like to be on Xanax medication?

It is not mandatory that every patient feels the same way because outcomes sorely depend on multiple factors such as:

  • Age of the patient
  • Mental state
  • Any physiological disorder
  • Genetic disorder
  • Diet 
  • Lifestyle
  • Immunity level
  • The dosage of Xanax you get everyday
  • Duration of the medicine

Also, these factors depend on when Xanax kicks into your system. Many people feel the pill within 5 minutes. However, many feels in an hour as well

 What is your experience with Xanax?

Xanax medication for anxiety

Because every patient’s mental condition is different therefore people ask the question to prevent any side-effects. If you take medicine at the doctor’s suggestion, then you may get a positive experience with Xanax.

What is a Xanax “high” like?

Xanax high is the last stage of a medicine reaction on your mind. When a person feels anxiety and depression, Xanax helps the person to feel calm and more relaxed with the help of medicine. And doctors provide a suitable dosage for person to person. And if you take medicine without any consultation, then there are chances you will be high with Xanax.

 Is it bad to take Xanax?

Complete NO, it is not bad to take any anxiety pill. Mental illness and discord must be considered as a problem, and no one should ignore them. Therefore, you should take a bit of advice from a neurologist or psychologist for a suitable dosage of your physiological factors. But, consumption beyond the prescription may be extremely dangerous for your own health. 

Why do people abuse Xanax?

Because Xanax belongs to benzodiazepines medicine and it has the properties t6o make you feel euphoric and happy. And in times of covid 19 and royals of Englands going through a mental problem must take pills and medication. Therefore, those who do not effort the medical consultation from a doctor take medicine without prescriptions, and they end up taking high doses. Thus, they become addictive as well. 

How does Alprazolam work?

As it belongs to the family of benzodiazepine that acts in the central nervous system of your brain. And your brain instantly gets the signal to calm your brain and anxiety feeling. Therefore, you get relaxed within a few minutes and forget your worries.


I hope you have got the most appropriate answer from our side. But, no one can be your doctor. Thus you must consult your own doctor for a better suggestion and suitable medicine. Because in the worst cases, your body can feel the worst adverse effects of the medicine. Hence it is necessary to talk to your friend, family, and doctor. 

Also, in any case of emergency, make a call to your doctor or 911.